Chargers and Passing Plates rented in quantities of 5.

12.25" Ivory w/ Gold Band Charger Plate
12" Kensington Charger Plate
11.8" Royal White Charger Plate
12" Square White Charger Plate
13" Gold Bead Charger Plate
13" Silver Bead Charger Plate
13" Gold Alpine Glass Charger
13" Silver Alpine Glass Charger
13" Silver Eternity Charger
12" Tangerine Glass Charger
12" Purple Inca Glass Charger
12" Raspberry Inca Glass Charger
12" Red Inca Glass Charger
12" Sky Blue Inca Glass Charger
13" Instabul Charger
13" Gold Saturn Glass Charger
13" Silver Saturn Glass Charger
13" Midnight Fusion Glass Charger
13" Copper Helix Glass Charger
13" Silver Burst Charger Plate
13" Gold Braid Torino Charger
12" White Alessandra Charger
13" Frosted Belmont Glass Charger
Sunburst Square Charger
13" Chocolate Burst Charger
Gold Costellazione Charger
Copper & Silver Antique Passing Plate
12" Gold Eternity Passing Plate
12" Grass Green Inca Passing Plate
12" Orange Inca Glass Passing Plate
13" Gold Burst Passing Plate
Raspberry Glass Passing Plate
Cobalt Blue Glass Passing Plate
Gold Alma Passing Plate
Gold Pewter Drops Glass Passing Plate
Frosted Arctic Glass Platter
Honeydew Arctic Glass Platter
To Order

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