Glassware rented in rack quantities based on glass size. Inquire with your sales rep on those rack quantities.

1.5 Oz Tequila Shot Glass
2 Oz Prism Square Shot Glass
3 Oz After Hours Martini Glass
3.7 Oz Diva Sherry Glass
4.5 Oz Citation Martini Glass
5 Oz Perfection Stemless Wine Glass
5.375 Oz Troyano Shot Glass
5.5 oz Square Coffee Cup
6 Oz Royal White Coffee Cup
6.5 Oz Outdoor Champagne Flute Glass
7.1 Oz Opus Champagne Flute Glass
7.1 Oz Classico Champagne Flute Glass
8 Oz Cosmopolitan
8.2 Oz Tresco Martini
8.5 Oz Irish Coffee Mug
9 Oz Perfection Stemless Wine Glass
10.5 Oz Tresco Wine Glass
11 Oz Royal White Mug
12 Oz Outdoor Wine Glass
12 Oz Black Onyx Water Goblet
12 Oz Vintage Water Glass
12.1 Oz Opus Tumbler Glass
13 Oz Wine Balloon
13.2 Oz Opus Whisky Glass
13.5 Oz Straight Sided Zombie Glass
13.7 Oz Tresco Wine Glass
13.8 Oz Opus Sauvignon Blanc Glass
15 Oz Perfection Stemless Wine Glass
17 Oz Stemless White Wine Glass
17 Oz Moscow Mule Copper Mug
18.1 Oz Tresco Wine Glass
18.2 Oz Opus Cabernet Wine Glass
18.3 oz Opus Long Drink Glass
23 Oz Opus Bordeaux Wine Glass
10 Oz Jupiter Rocks Smoke Glass
Gold Magnificence Glassware

8 oz Wine
4 oz Champagne
13 oz Water

Gold Bella Glassware

10.25 oz Wine
7 oz Champagne
14 oz Water

White Sake Cup
4" White Soy Dish
Royal White Demitasse Cup
Royal White Demitasse Saucer
To Order

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