8.75 In Stainless Serving Spoon
Silver Solid Serving Spoon
15 In Stainless Serving Spoon
Slotted Silver Serving Spoon
Slotted Duplet Serving Spoon
Duplet Serving Fork
Stainless Lobster Cracker
Stainless Ice Scoop
7 In Silver Ice Tong
12 In Stainless Spatula
11 In Silver Meat Fork
12 In Stainless BBQ Fork
Stainless Cake Server
Stainless Pie Server
13 In Silver Punch Ladle
Silver Serving Scissor Tong
16 In Stainless Kitchen Tong
12 In Flat Silver Serving Tong
8 In Silver Chafer Tong
8 In Stainless Pasta Tong
13 In Stainless Punch Ladle
9 In Stainless Cake Knife
Stainless Cake Server
14 In Stainless Spatula
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