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How To Personalize Your Event

Wondering how you can make your event more personalized?  Rent one of our many products that can be decaled with your custom graphic art!  Take a look at this video below that showcases Black Montgomery Bars, White Montgomery Quarter Round Bars, and White Slim Communal Highboy Tables with decals.

How To Set A Table

Does the fork go on the left or the right side of the dinner plate?  How many can sit at a 60" round table if I'm using charger plates and what size linen will fit floor length?  Whether you are a first time event planner or a seasoned pro, check out this helpful How To video for setting a round table for eight!

Place Setting Etiquette

Start with your charger plate as a base.  Next, add your dinner plate or salad plate depending on how you plan to server your food.  Then, add flatware with forks on the left and knife and spoon on the right.  Lastly, your glassware should go to the upper right of the plates and if you have a B&B plate that should be placed in the upper left.  Napkins can be folded in many unique ways to finish!

How To Build A Champagne Tower

Want to wow your guests as soon as they walk into your event space?!  Build a champagne tower as a focal centerpiece of the room prior to the guests arriving.  If you don't want to stack the glasses on top of each other you can always rent our 5 tier white tower to set the glasses on a solid pyramid shape display.  *Note - our video shows dry ice effects*

Did You Know About Our Flatware Bags?

Hurry, get those tables set, the event starts in less than two hours!  Don't waste precious time looking for scissors or struggling with plastic wrap - rent our flatware with easy-open sanitary bags!

Do You Know How To Return Soiled Linen?

Just finished serving a 500 guest dinner and now it's time for clean up?  Simply gather up the soiled linens in our purple bags and put all of the hangers and plastic wrap in the green recyle bags! 

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