Must Have Rentals for the Fourth of July

by Joe Getts, Panache Events | Blog, Inspiration


When I think of the Fourth of July, I envision being outdoors, enjoying time with friends and family, indulging in good food, and savoring cool refreshments. Here is my list of Fourth of July essentials:


1. White Padded Folding Chairs


These padded chairs are easy to set up and move around, offering versatile seating options for your guests to relax and socialize.


2. Sno Cone Machine


A fun addition for both kids and adults, a Sno Kone machine is a staple for any Fourth of July or summer gathering. Our Cherry and Blue Raspberry Sno Kone syrups add a festive, patriotic touch.


3. Propane Grills


Perfect for the grill master, we offer large 23" x 63" propane grills to  allow for more cooking surface area, reducing labor time and increasing social time.  And we also offer a smaller 17" x 34" propane grill to help ensure no guest goes hungry by allowing you to grill more varieties of food at once.


4. Outdoor Bar


Whether you choose the White Savannah or the classic Winston, an outdoor bar adds a fun, organized element to your gathering. It provides a dedicated space for guests to get their beverages and socialize.


5. 120 Qt. Ice Chest Cooler


Maximize your options for cold beverages with a large cooler.  Unlike average-sized coolers, ours saves you from constantly restocking ice and drinks.


6. Outdoor Seating and Dining


Our South Port, Teak Acacia, or Zara lines of outdoor seating and dining options create spaces for several people to gather and socialize, adding sophistication and comfort to your event.


7. Garbage Cans and Resale Can Liners


Often overlooked, strategically placed garbage cans can save you and your guests from trips to the garage or side of the house. They also greatly reduce the time needed to clean up after the party.



How will you choose to celebrate Independence Day?


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